For our wholesale partners who have an experience in sales (online/offline shop owners), eager to realize own vision in fashion industry and interested in developing their own business, we offer creating own clothing brand (women's/men's clothing category).


We cover/fulfill everything that a brand owner needs for an easy start and develop their own brand.

  • Labels (luxury paper labels, jacquard logo labels, size and care tags)

  • Pattern making (digital/paper)

  • Brand’s size chart creation

  • Working with different types of fabric (blended & premium artificial fabrics, cotton, natural linen, silk etc.)

  • Working with a lot of supplies vendors (YKK, ArtZip etc.)

  • Create a unique print for the fabric (digital printing)

  • Sewing edition

  • Create a photo content (work in studio with a models)

  • Making video

  • 3d modeling (Clo3d, Blender, ZBrush)


The main advantages of own brand:

  • Unique items for the shop

  • Independent pricing (not depends on brand's official online prices and discounts)

  • Wide size chart

  • Bestseller's reorder

  • Represent own brand on marketplaces (as a seller/brand owner).